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No Stress, No Wasting Time, No Messy Recording

If you spent long time dealing with property maintenance, you may have some bad experience for the reasons below.

As a property manager sometimes you may feel stressful, anxious, upset when handling property maintenance especially over a few at the same time. We understand that you spent most of the time communicate with tenants, landlords regarding the maintenance. Think & talk smartly in order to convey the messages in the most accurate and efficient ways. Then key in the information into the system carefully to document the maintenance handling process and also spend the ridiculous amount of time to find the best trades to deal with the maintenance. You absolutely are deserved to be respected by providing all great value as a trustworthy agent. 


However, there are too many occasions when you made a small and simple mistake by miscommunication, lost track on maintenance, not follow instructions on management authority or provide an inconsiderate maintenance solution, that leads your value to be constantly questioned by non-professional, inpatient & emotional landlords or tenants. Human all make mistakes, but the property managers are not allowed.


Even greater chances are that you just spent half an hour or more trying to get hold of all parties, listen and repeat what they have to say to each other. Your true value has absolutely been diminished. And yet your boss or clients won't appreciate how dedicated you are to get the maintenance addressed. 



Cloud Maintenance Solution

Free yourself from handling the maintenances

Better Communication

Filter/direct the maintenance msg to the target client at their preferred communication method at the best time. 

Auto Documentation

All communication logs encrypted and saved at the cloud server. Maintenance updates and reports can be download at any time. 

Smart Quote/Work Order

The system automatically picks the best trades option for your reference based on the maintenance reported. Provide quote estimation automatically.


How Much Can You Save

More than you have expected!

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Our Story

Starts with years of property management and 365+ sleepless nights

Cloud Ants smart property maintenance solution is SAAS proudly structured by a bunch of tech maniacs and real estate professionals. It is a pioneer to the future property management, allowing property managers to better utilize their time getting new business, showcase their specialities and providing top services whilst intelligent system does all hard works on the back end. With that principle in mind, smart brains are grouped and clashed every day to crank up a better workflow for the real estate professionals.


Our R&D team is working days and nights to bring you the end-to-end product that you may ever expect for handling property maintenances. Please register your interest at the bottom page in order to help us finalise the program even faster.


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